Projects Currently in Development:

Wild Greens’ projects currently in various stages of development and production:


Ghosted is a 1/2 hr comedy series created and written by Keren Green & Michael Lipoma.

Wild Greens has partnered up with Zaza Productions for the production, slated to be shot in 2022 in New Zealand.

Progeny Z

A one-hour sci-fi series developed by Keren Green & Michael Lipoma, with the pilot written by Keren Green.

Wild Greens is currently working alongside the Gillen Group on Progeny Z.

It’s a Funny Story

A short film written by Nye Green. Slated to go into production 2022 with Nye Green directing.

Back on Earth

A one-hour dramatic series created by Keren Green.

Back on Earth is currently in development with Wild Greens and Zaza Productions.


A one-hour dramatic series created by Keren Green.

UnderLand is currently in development.

Ricky & Lucy

A feature film written & directed by Aza.

Keren Green & Rhys Green are producing.

*This project was slated to shoot in July 2020 but due to COVID-19 has been pushed to post-pandemic.

Completed Projects:

Wild Greens’ previously completed projects:

Holding South

A short film, written & directed by Keren Green

Holding South: when a mysterious package arrives, fifteen-year-old recruit is forced to fight her troop leaders along with the invading monsters to overcome her fear and save the children in the south.


A short film, written & directed by Keren Green

Defense+4 is the story of Simon, a young man living in his fantasy world. Once again late for game night, his brother has had enough, until all the boys’ night takes a massive turn when aliens invade and secrets are revealed.

Island of Mine

The multi award-winning music video for singer/songwriter Eliza Carrington. Produced and Co-Directed by Nye Green & Rhys Green. 

The complete video can be seen here.


The Streetlights music video was Produced and Directed by Rhys Green.

Josh Silvera’s breakout single Streetlights finds him looking for beauty in the darkness of the city.

Watch the video here.


A short film written and directed by Rhys Green.

Midnight explores the feeling of loneliness and being trapped by the pressures of life until there is no choice but to escape in any way possible.

The short film can be seen here.


Empty is a short film written by Keren Green and Directed by Nye Green.

A workaholic wakes to find that his family, and everyone else in town, has mysteriously vanished. As he struggles to recover what he’s lost, he discovers a strange boy who may have the answers.

*Empty is currently in the festival circuit, so it unavailable to view at this time.


The Best of L.A. nominated short film co-directed and shot by Nye Green and written by Keren Green. Wild Greens completed this project for the Los Angeles 48-Hour Film Festival.

View the trailer for InSight here.

Watch the full film here

Soul Skin

A short proof of concept written and directed by Keren Green based on her larger work, Soul Skin.

Soul Skin explores domestic abuse through the ancient tale of the selkie.

Watch the proof of concept here.

Belfast Boys

Belfast Boys is a short film written by Keren Green and directed by Nye Green.

John, an Irish cop, suspects a connection between his brother Nicky and the IRA bombing that left him in critical condition, but both brothers have something to hide…

Watch the movie here.

(password: theluckoftheirish)

Tolkien’s Road

The fascinating story of J.R.R. Tolkien’s struggle with PTSD after WWI and the journey that ultimately led him to write The Hobbit.

A 35-minute short film directed by Nye Green. Tolkien’s Road has been translated into five languages and screened around the world.

View the trailer here.

You can watch the entire move here.

E.A.R.T.H Organized

A transmedia project created by Keren Green, spanning across multiple platforms and social media sites.

The story will take you on an adventure with, conspiracy theorist, Charlie Wyze as he searches for the clues that will prove alien life not only exists here on Earth but that they are working in cahoots with T.H.E.M: Terrible Humans with Evil Methods.

Follow Charlie and his friends (Henry Morgan and Anita Gower) as they do their best to inform the world about aliens.

Begin the transmedia journey here.

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