Keren Green

Producer – WriterDirector

With experience in all aspects of filmmaking, including as a writer, producer, director, actor and cinematographer, Keren’s love of story comes through in every aspect of her work. A true storyteller, Keren fully enjoys the art and process, from that initial spark of an idea to the final delivery, overseeing every step along the way.

Prior to producing, Keren personally trained with the legendary Stella Adler before segueing into talent management and eventually creating the non-profit entity The Movie Club Inc., where for over a decade she taught professional-level filmmaking to children age 5-17. Keren’s short story anthology, Off the Edge, can be found on and her flash fiction has been published in Flash Fiction Magazine and Down In The Dirt.

Currently a professional WGAW writer, Keren has written and produced multiple projects, including her most recent works, Back on Earth, Ghosted, and Progeny Z.

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Rupert Green

Executive Producer – Producer

Rupert has a unique skill set and experiences to draw on as a producer and executive producer. An accomplished actor on stage and screen he has also worked professionally as a project manager delivering complex technology solutions on time and on budget. His first foray into producing was the acclaimed Tolkien’s Road which has been translated into more than five languages and screened around the world. He currently lives in Auckland with his 4 children, dog, and the love of his life.

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Rhys Green


Rhys Green is an award winning Producer and Editor. Rhys is a creative storyteller with a love of all visual media. He is an inventive problem-solver who always strives to tell impactful stories in a meaningful way.

Born into a filmmaker family, Rhys discovered his passion
at an early age and has been working in motion pictures and visual media his entire life. Climbing the ladder from producer’s assistant and post-production coordinator, armed with a background immersed not only in producing but also directing, editing, and visual effects, Rhys has gone on to produce a multitude of short films and music videos which have screened worldwide and racked millions of views on YouTube. Rhys’ current short Holding South and his short-form-series, Ghosted, are both slated to go before cameras in 2021.

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Nye Green

Writer – Director

Nye’s passion for storytelling lies in the idea that imagination fuels reality. He believes the classic battles between good and evil are a dramatic representation of the internal struggle within us. A battle we fight with the choices we make every day of our lives. His stories often explore soul searching characters in extraordinary circumstances struggling to define who they are.

By his mid-twenties, Nye already has over 22 short films and music videos to his credit. Nye remains the youngest graduate in the 150-year history of his alma mater, Goddard College, where at age 19, he shot his thesis him, Tolkien’s Road, which has since screened across the globe and been translated into five languages. Nye is fully immersed in the rapidly evolving technologies of the medium and brings an exciting, fresh, and unadulterated cinematic vision to his work, attuned to today’s largest and most highly sought-after audience demographic.

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Michael Lipoma

Writer – Producer

Michael is a WGAW writer and producer whose scripts have placed in the semifinals or higher in every major screenwriting competition, including winning the Grand Prize at SLAMDANCE in 2019.

With experience writing on assignment for features and television since 2010, Michael enjoys backing his characters into corners, forcing them to fight their way out or die trying. He has developed multiple producers’ original ideas into commercially viable screenplays. Michael specializes in smart action with a heart.

He is the lead producer on a feature film project currently in partnership with an A-List actor’s production company. Before writing and producing full time, Michael was Vice President of a $150M company.

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